ABOUT Anna Anka

Anna Anka has been pushing herself her entire life. Her failures in life were the starting point of her success. Her fame came at a heavy price both personally and professionally. Becoming a household name overnight was something Anna Anka never encountered before.

Anna Anka has faced a lot of crossroads in her life filed with uncertainty and fear. Due to so many people manage her with intimidation both physical, mentally and emotionally.  People are obsessed over to try finding flaws and imperfections, rather than find value in Anna Anka. They have such fixed beliefs about themselves, others and life’s circumstances that have been repeated for so long, they have become so ingrained and are very difficult to change. Anna Anka understands that most people feel such a lack of satisfaction with their own life. Because of that they try to level her. Anna Anka hopes that they would try to build their own sense of self-worth.  What you see of Anna Anka is a snapshot of her life.  Snapshots don’t show the million decisions that led to that moment.

From Anna Anka point of view, her evolution from being adopted to her maturing years was made of choices and decisions not unlike any other young person’s passage in life. Anna Anka only grew from experience and has no regrets. Nor did they make her bitter in any sense. Anna Anka came to the United States with hope and dreams like millions before her, to make a life that only this country can offer.  Anna Anka navigated herself around the pitfalls and temptations that are unfortunately apart of this industry in this town. To see and hear the substance of the foundation of a life that Anna Anka is proud of, be maligned, ridiculed and defaming, is truly heartbreaking! At the same time it took Anna Anka’s life and career in a more satisfying direction.

Anna Anka is an American-Swedish actress, author and professional model.

Anna Anka has 2 beautiful children Elli 10 years old and Ethan 7 years old. They are her ultimate gift for living in the present and giving them the love and self-belief that Anna Anka missed as a child. The relationship between Anna Anka and her children is based on an enormous amount of emotions and love.

Anna Anka moved to the US in 1993 when she became “Miss Hawaiian Tropic” of Sweden.

Anna Anka became Sag-Aftra member 1995 because of her appearances in “Dum and Dumber”, “The Specialist”, “The Drop Zone” and “Baywatch”.

2008 Anna Anka released her first book, “30 Minutes Pregnancy Workout” with St. Martin’s Press NY.

2009 Anna Anka appeared in a massively successful reality show, “Swedish Hollywood Wives” documenting every moment of her life. The program was shown on Swedish TV3, had the highest ratings and set a new viewer record for a program ever made by TV3.

2009 Anna Anka became the Celebrity of the year in Sweden. Anna Anka was also voted on the list of the 100 most powerful people in Sweden, where she landed on 35th place.

September of 2009 Anna Anka was interviewed on the Swedish News site “News Mill”. The article received more than 100.000 hits, a first for News Mill. Followed by doing the following TV and Radio Shows. “Skavlan” show featuring Jay-Z, “Robert Aschberg Show”, and “Swedish Radio with Ulf Elving”, “Rix FM Radio and Wake up with the Voice

December 2009, Anna Anka had her own blog “Anna Anka Christmas Calendar” for the Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet. It became the most viewed blog in Sweden.
December 2009, Anna Anka had her own TV Show “Anna Anka Christmas”; together with 7 well know established TV Profiles in Sweden.

2010 Anna Anka went back to Sweden for a huge promotional tour. She did the following: “Stjarnkockarna TV Show”, “Robert Aschberg TV Show”, “Nyhets MorgonTV4”, and “After 10 with Malo Von Sivers”. “SVT TV”, “Radio Rix”, “Rock Classics”, Aftonbladet Noje”, “Aftonbladet Web TV” “Expressen Noje” “ Expressen Web TV”, “TT Spektra”, ”Nyheter 24”, “Metro”, “Tidningen S”, “Amelia Magazine”, “Svensk Damtidning”, “Improve me”, “Hant Extra”, “Veckans Nu”, Finest Web Magazine”, and “Se&Hor”.

Anna Anka was invited by Noppe Lewenhaupt to attend “Noope Grand Prix 2010”

2010 Anna Anka was invited to and attended to give out awards at the “PR Byra 2009”

Anna Anka was invited to “The Celebrity Shooting Ranch Stockholm” and ended up on 3rd place.
Anna Anka became a huge celebrity in Norway @ the same time and was flown in to Oslo to do the following: “Sen Kvall TV2”, “God Afton Norge”, “Dorthe Skappel TV2”, “TV2 Norge”, “Jakten efter en julestjerna”, “TV2 Trude Show”, “Happy Day Show”, “VG”, “, “BT Norway”, “Dagbladet”, “Forsiden”, “Kampanje”, “KK Magazine”, “Kamille”, “Nettavisen”, “Her&No”, “Se&hor”,   

2010 Anna Anka became Executive Producer on “Swedish Hollywood Wives Season 2” and appeared as a guest in 3 episodes to promote her new show.
2010 Anna Anka became Executive Producer on her own show “Anna Anka Looking for an Assistant”

2010 Anna Anka became Executive Producer on her own show “In Shape with Anna Anka” and flew 10 overweight people to the US to have a total transformation in just 8 weeks.

Feb 8 is the National Woman’s Day in Sweden. Anna Anka was voted to be the 8th most powerful woman in Sweden.

Anna Anka appeared in a Music Video in LA with 2 Swedish singers: Jenny” Velvet” Pettersson & Linda Bengtzing. The name of the song “Victorious” was a tribute for the Swedish Crown Princess for her wedding. 

2011 Anna Anka was nominated for her show”Swedish Hollywood Wives” at the Shrine Awards in London. Anna Anka also gave awards to other nominated.

2011 Anna Anka was the Winner of the TV Show “Fangarna pa Fortet” and donated all the price money for the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Sweden.
2011 Anna Anka won the Silverfish for Best “Coop Prix” Commercial.

2011 Anna Anka participated in “Dancing with the Stars” in Norway.

2012 Anna Anka participated in “Superstars Celeb” celebrities competing with and against world record holders in different sports categories.
2012 Anna Anka filmed a new Show “This is how we became Hollywood Wives” it is about Anna Anka journey from the first day she came to the US. And how she became the huge Celebrity she is today.

The streak of recognition for Anna Anka has only begun. Anna Anka hasn’t chosen to work and live among the Elite in her personal and professional life. Anna Anka is simply following the direction that the universe has set for her. Anna Anka decision in life isn’t for self gratification, but for the direct purpose to lead and assist others whom need her.

From Anna Anka:

 “When I think of you I’ll remember how you looked at me when we first met, but the ways that you’re looking at me know, I’ll do my best to forget!

You are intelligent and beguiling conversationalist and I can see there is a real passion in what you say. If you scratch the surface, however you will find nothing beneath it!  Any fool can tell the truth but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well. Unfortunately you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are destined to repeat the same sabotaging behaviors indefinitely.

Go ahead and take your best shot, I’m laid out on the floor, but I have been here before. I may stumble and I might lose my way, but hear me when I say… I will stand back up!
Don’t judge me until you know me, don’t underestimate me until you challenged me, and don’t talk about me. Who are you to judge the life I choose to live???

You will know just the moment when I have had enough! Sometimes I am afraid and I don’t feel that though. I have been beaten up and bruised, I have been kicked right off my shoes, been down on my knees more times than you’d believe.

When darkness tries to get me, there’s a light that just won’t let me.

It might take my pride and tears may fill my eyes, but you will never win over me due to my importance of believing in myself and maintain optimistic outlook. My inner peace is an internal balance that cannot be tilted by your words or deeds. It takes courage to accept yourself as you are! Emotional baggage is a fact of life. We all have it.

Today’s Wisdom: “everything we do surrounds about listening, please try to listen without reacting and please listen for the meaning”