Anna Anka Wellness Live Video

Interact with Anna Anka during her activities. - Live Video Starts June 15th - Sign Up Now!
Live at 11am PST

My live video will get you exclusive access to my life that I will be sharing with my adoring fans.

With my curios mind and adventurous heart, you will be able to follow my lifestyle, fitness, healthy eating, cooking, fashion, traveling, products and the most important part to inspire each of you to become the best version of yourself.

My live stream is not run by social media teams or impostor accounts; therefore, it cannot be fake or fabricated. While I am broadcasting live, you will be able to real-time chat and share each experience with me as they happen. I want to enable people to literally be with me from all around the world.

This new outlet will allow you to get to know the real Anna Anka, without the bias of TV-shows and Media. With no filter and you will get the fully uncensored version of me!

Join Anna Anka Wellness Live Stream and be a part of my life-journey, which will inspire you to a happy, meaningful, honest and healthy life!  

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Live Daily at 11am PST