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“My purpose in life is to be the voice and guidance for everyone in the world to find their true happiness based on being authentic and find their values, interests, beliefs, talents and skills. Understanding your own values will create fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.”

I am a Human Behavior specialist, a mental health professional who evaluates and develops treatment plans. I deal directly with the core belief, the root cause of the behavior, by helping people understand their feelings, emotions, thoughts and the unconscious belief systems. Using fast and effective techniques to transform, dissolve and replace old ways of being. My mission is to serve, educate, inspire, and give scientific tools to help people to transform and heal their lives, no matter what happened to them. By decoding the messages of their body and processing each emotion buried in people’s subconscious mind, I am fortunate to heal people on a subconscious level and to teach them how to live a fulfilled life with love and happiness. Going from traditional victim to an accountable inner awakening.

“You can not suffer the past or the future, it does not exist.
What you are suffering is your memory and imagination.”

Dis-Ease: Symptoms and diseases are an emotionally charged unprocessed memory, which creates misperceptions, reactive fear and negative thoughts, leading to stress patterns. The body and the mind are in constant communication, and our memories are stored throughout the body. The darker emotions that we mask and bury deep inside our minds create a biochemical response with the body and begin to change our biology, leading to many diseases. People’s physiology reveals their psychology. Illness offers people deep insights and provides them with profound meaning. I look at what pains people have and what they can do about them, how their emotions affect the body’s wellbeing, and how the body is communicating regardless of people’s words. Once I decode the body’s messages, what they really are saying and the meaning, people’s physiology, psychology, and life will never be the same.

Depression: It is a comparison of your life to a one-sided fantasy of how your life should be. Unrealistic expectations can lead to depressive feelings. One of the fantasies that people have is that some people have an easier life. That is not generally the case. Other people have different challenges that we probably would not want. That is why we have the challenges we have. The more addicted we are to experiencing only support, ease, pleasure, positive or having a fantasy, the more likely our depression, and the more likely our daily life challenges will overwhelm us. It is not what happens to us, it is our perceptions. Your perceptions of what happens to you are subjectively biased, and that only leads you to blame others.

Judgement/Anger: When we judge someone for something, we are judging ourselves as the very same thing, we just have not fully owned or accepted that trait within us. We can only see in others what we have inside ourselves. First, we reject, then we project. Judging shuts us down and prevents us from understanding the full situation or a new truth that is not known yet. Through judging, we separate, through understanding, we grow. Understanding is harder as it requires deep thinking, patience, compassion, and an open mind. Anger is within you; it simply needs to hit an external object to provoke it. “Anyone hitting their toe on the coffee table has experienced it,” whenever you meet someone who irritates you or provokes your anger, see it as an empty item and it has nothing to do with you. To hate a person, you hate something in them that is a part of yourself. What is not part of ourselves does not disturb us. Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves, a self-awareness.

Healing: To heal dysfunction, pain, trauma, and suffering, we need to start with our mind. To get to the source of our problems and go outside of our awareness. With our 5% limited conscious mind it is not enough to change our life. It is important to shine a light on the truth and we must surrender to our old selves. Let go and live with an open heart. Remember it is NOT our responsibility to make other people understand us, or what we are going through. It IS our responsibility to do our inner healing. We can only reach the depths of a fulfilling life, if we first reach those depths within our relationship with ourselves. Investing in yourself can feel difficult, but there is nothing more important than your personal growth. It is the most profound act of self-care you can do. Imagine being so empowered that others can no longer emotionally, mentally, and physically manipulate you. Mastering the art of reflective awareness, changing from survival mind to mastered mind by identifying emotional charges and overreactive behaviors, learning to see both sides of any event, transform challenges or tragedies into opportunities you can be grateful for. Remove bias and projected labels, dissolve family conflicts and learn the art of communication.

Forgiveness: Are you holding on to a past moment? It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear or guilt, anger, resentment and sometimes a desire for revenge. Each of those statements comes from a place of unforgiveness, and a refusal to let go, and to come into the present moment. When you blame another person, you give your own power away, because you are placing the responsibility of your feelings on somebody else. You can never be free of bitterness if you continue to think unforgiving thoughts. How can you be happy in the present moment if you continue to choose to think angry and resentful thoughts? Thoughts of bitterness will not create joy no matter how justified you feel you are, no matter what they did. If you insist on holding on to the past, then you will never be free. It is a tricky and confusing concept for most people. There is a difference between forgiveness and acceptance. Forgiving someone does not mean that you condone their behavior, and the act of forgiveness takes place in your own mind. Forgiveness of yourself and others will release you from the prison of the past. The only real meaning of forgiveness to me is: “Thank you for-giving-me this experience” whatever it may be. If you can say that, that is what I call true transcendent forgiveness. Then you are no longer fearful, or a victim of what people do around you, or what you do to others.

Parental Alienation: Being an erased mother, and surviving Parental Alienation, I offer coaching and consultation to families suffering from Parental Alienation. Is your family being ripped apart by a punitive legal system dictated by profit motive? Let me assist you with how to navigate through alienation and how to cope and reunify with your children.

In today’s society there is so much information about personal development, but people still suffer. People get stuck and frustrated not knowing how to integrate the information given to them. Everyday we have a choice, how do you want it to look like? Resistance is the only thing that stands in between you and who you want to be.

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