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Learn the healing power of gratitude and love no matter what tragedy happened to you in your life

“When I protected myself from pain, I protected myself from LOVE. I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. Only in my process of healing myself did I know who I really was” Anna Anka

My purpose in life is to be the voice and guidance for everyone in the world to find their true happiness based on being authentic and find their values, interests, beliefs, talents and skills. Understanding your own values will create fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.

Let me teach you how to communicate in a way that links your values with others. Every human being lives by a set of priorities and set of values accordingly to whatever is most important or least important in their life. No two people have same values. The values you hold determine how you perceive and how you act in your world. They determine the course of your life!

Most people in the world have not discovered a satisfying or meaningful life. They do not have a strong sense of what makes their life meaningful. I am here to help people to neutralize their emotional charges and balance their mental and physical reactions to any events in their life.

Amazing people remain single, fall into the same kind of relationship traps, wondering if he or she is “the one”. By setting up false expectations of themselves and other people. When it comes to choosing a partner in life, most people go by looks, things we have in common etc. When we are stuck in a fantasy about who a person is, and we put them on a pedestal and we under-value ourselves. What makes us loving is to embrace both sides of a person. We can be kind, cruel, happy, sad, selfish, caring, smart and stupid. When people decide to just “love” one side they are saying, “I only love you when you do the things that make me feel good”, which is not love to begin with, that is just me pleasing you. Giving and receiving love is in direct proportion to our ability to embrace and appreciate both sides, the good and the bad without anger and disappointment!

Todays society is a scared generation, scared to fall in love, scared to commit, get hurt and get their hearts broken. Fear is the result of an imbalanced perspective!

People allow their fears to keep them from living accordingly to their values, that cause stress and sense of emptiness. Fear of not being smart enough, fear of failure, fear of losing it all financially, fear of losing loved ones, fear of social rejection, (I am afraid of what people will think of me) fear of not having the physical capability (I am not tall enough, not good looking enough, not strong enough). Fear of breaking away from the values of a perceived spiritual authority (I don’t want to be considered a bad person or go to hell). I will help you dissolve and collapse whatever fears you have. Fear is self-imposed by your thoughts. It does not exist!

Any personality traits you could admire or despise in others, you have within you. The traits you don’t accept in others, are the very traits you don’t accept in yourself. Because you have been taught to feel bad or stupid about those traits in you. We are raised to live a one-sided life, always be nice, always positive, never negative, never cruel, always happy, never sad, always respectful, never disrespectful, always strong, never weak. When people try to live into that fantasy ideal, they feel shame, guilt, worthlessness and have judgements. Everyone has every trait and you do not gain or lose them in your life, they only change form. For every trait you like there are equal drawbacks and for every disliked trait there are equal benefits. If you think its positive its equal negative.

Example: A positive trait like being Intelligent = Negative trait: You are Opinionated.                                                          

When positive outweigh the negatives, you become emotionally attracted and addicted. When positives are greater than or lesser than the negatives… you are lying to yourself!

Lies are imbalances of your mind. The positive and negative must be equal for each person to become balanced, grateful and a loving person. The truth is always balance and it requires no apology, forgiveness or acceptance. Every event you previously experienced by your senses was balanced and neutral until you evaluated it and you gave it a one-sided, emotional charged label. It was your incomplete awareness that made you project onto it an emotional charge and it was your biased mind that projected onto it a lopsided label.

I will clear peoples mind and open their heart to love and gratitude, no matter what has happened in their life.

People who find meaning and purpose even in the most horrendous circumstances (I am a true testament to that) are more resilient to “suffering”. I urge people not to be victims of circumstances or of their past. Only you can view things as you wish and add meaning to it.

Here are some examples of problems and issues that I will give you solutions to:


DEPRESSION is your perception of how you BELIEVE something should be, based on a fantasy. To seek that which is unavailable and to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of human suffering.

Find out your PAINS, VOIDS, LIMITATIONS and BAGGAGE that holds you back in life.

Find your highest VALUE and purpose in life.

MASTER the seven-areas of your life.

Get rid of your FEARS, fear is self-imposed by your thoughts, it does not exist!

Learn the SYMPTOMS of different diseases (such as fibromyalgia etc.). CHRONIC is based on needing attention. People are not being engaged to what is meaningful to them. Being a victim, they get what they want.

CHANGE your black and white thinking (always be kind, never be mean, always be positive, never be negative etc.).

Learn to stop seeking a FANTASY of only pleasure without pain. Support without challenge is futile. You need to embrace BOTH sides of life!

LOVE is the synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites. Challenge and Support together creates LOVE. People will only commit to one another as long as they support each other’s values. It is important that you both understand and fulfill each other’s values.

SEXUALITY: imbalance in perception between partners lead to sexual turnoff. It is a trigger that shuts people down and makes people not wanting to be intimate. Is that you?

If you set GOALS that are not yours, or live in someone else’s values, you will have internal anger, blame, betray yourself, be critical of yourself and you will become despaired and depressed. Because of your unfulfillment you will doubt yourself and end up in therapy with a therapist (The-Rapist). Let me break your limitations and set you FREE!

Begin your journey with Anna Anka!