A 7-day journey of profound insight and inspiration to a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically - Choose your date for your Wellness Vacation!

A boutique experience that is open to a limited number of guests. Take control over your health and well-being at the most comprehensive wellness program; that is a true and lasting life-transformation that EVERY human being deserves!

Anna Anka Wellness will change your life both mentally and physically. It will change your mindset, prolong your lifespan and give you the foundation you need to live a healthy life.

The 7-day program promise to teach you medically based ways to prolong your life.

Anna Anka Wellness will give you the tools to succeed long after your fitness getaway.

Many fitness getaways claim to change your life, but how many of them could actually help you to live longer?

Blood work and VO2 max test is required so that a custom plan can be designed based on YOUR biology.

Participants will also learn a sense of self-reliance that will leave them feeling like they can handle ANYTHING that comes their way.

Anna Anka Wellness is one of the best and most luxurious retreats the world has to offer.

I will see you in Los Angeles,


  • 7-day life-transformation
    • Mentally and Physically
  • 7-days of supervised training by Anna Anka, Outdoor and Indoor exercises
    • Weight training
    • Interval training
    • Cardio training
    • Core training
  • Customized nutrition plan to bring home
  • Customized workout program based on VO2 testing and blood work to bring home
  • Day-hike Mount Baldy
  • Free-time to explore Los Angeles based on your preferences
  • Surprise activities for everyone to enjoy
  • Lifestyle coaching
    • Get rid of GUILT, SHAME, ANGER and GRIEF
    • Find out your PAINS, VOIDS, LIMITATIONS and BAGGAGE that holds you back in life
    • Find your highest VALUE and purpose in life
    • MASTER the seven-areas of your life
    • Get rid of your FEARS, fear is self-imposed by your thoughts, it does not exist!
    • Learn the SYMPTOMS of different diseases (such as fibromyalgia etc.)
    • CHRONIC is based on needing attention. People are not being engaged to what is meaningful to them. Being a victim, they get what they want.
    • CHANGE your black and white thinking (always be kind, never be mean, always be positive, never be negative etc.)  
    • Learn to stop seeking a FANTASY of only pleasure without pain. Support without challenge is futile. You need to embrace BOTH sides of life!
    • LOVE is the synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites. Challenge and Support together creates LOVE
    •  SEXUALITY: imbalance in perception between partners lead to sexual turnoff. It is a trigger that shuts people down and makes people not wanting to be intimate. Is that you?
    • If you set GOALS that are not yours, you will have internal anger, blame, betray yourself, be critical of yourself and you will become despaired and depressed.
    • Because of your unfulfillment you will doubt yourself and end up in therapy with a therapist (The-Rapist)
    • Let me break your limitations and set you FREE!

Anna Anka Wellness Vacation will be held in Westlake Village, CA.
Food, accommodation and transportation is not included, it is up to everyone to make the necessary arrangements for their entire stay. This will allow you to make it into an extended vacation with your family if you so wish.