Anna Anka Wellness Full Body Workout

A program for anyone!

Thank you for allowing me to guide you to a meaningful, happier and healthier life!

Before starting any exercise program, consult your Doctor to make sure you are cleared to exercise!

This program is designed for people to move their bodies and start a healthy lifestyle. No previous workout experience needed. This program can be done in the comfort of your own home, no gym equipment needed.

FULL BODY WORKOUT: Detailed workout program with exercises/sets and reps in full-purchased version

Monday-Friday (Minimum 3 days/week)
No rest in between exercises, keep your tempo up. Focus on your technique, posture and breathing. Hydrate well and stay focused.

No talking, socializing, CELLPHONE or outside distractions. This is your time, spend it wisely! Remember, the purpose here is YOU!

IMPORTANT! To get maximum results, you need to invest in a Heart Rate monitor such as a Polar Watch with a chest-strap. 

Monday-Friday 60 minutes
at a steady heartrate between 65-75% of your maximum heartrate. Your choice of exercise style, outside or inside such as powerwalk, jogging, treadmill, hiking, swimming, biking, spinning etc.

CORE: Detailed exercises/sets and reps in full-purchased version
Monday-Friday (Minimum 3/days/week)

To be performed after each Full body workout.