Anna Anka Wellness Gold Package includes:

  • Personal live-stream consultation with Anna Anka.
  • Health history; mentally and physically.
  • 4-week training program
    • Once a week supervised 1-on-1 livestream workout with Anna Anka.
    • The exercises will help you improve your overall health and vitality. You will see substantial positive changes both mentally and physically by the end of each 4-week program. 
  • Personalized nutrition with meal plans
    • Your meal plan will be established to help you maximize your energy utilization.
    •  Your body will be retrained so that your meals will be used for nutrition, rather than emotional desire and satisfaction.
  • Cardio plan
    • Includes 3-5 days per week on your own schedule and can be done anywhere
    • The cardio plan will stabilize and benefit your system to aid in preventing fatigue and exercise discomfort.
  • Interval training
    • Includes 3 days per week personalized interval program.
  • Core training
    • Includes 5 days per week personalized core program.

If you are looking for a personalized program based on your fitness level, goals and needs, please contact Anna Anka Wellness to purchase the perfect program, just FOR YOU!

Start your LIFECHANGING journey today!